Welcome to Our Corner of the Blogosphere
By Editor

Posted December 10, 2008

Facilitate Proceedings recently morphed into its present weblogged form, having existed in prior lives as an e-zine and a listserv. As we find our space in the blogosphere, we are connecting with wonderful resources that are full of good advice on everything from blog etiquette to where to find other blogs with similar interests.

As with all projects, the first and most important thing to do is answer the question WHY? From purpose follows form and function. In our case, we launched this blog because we couldn’t find any place where discussion of collaborative technology takes place alongside a discussion of group process and human behavior. (You’ve surely heard about the perennial triangle of workplace productivity – People, Process and Technology. When any one of these is dysfunctional, the organizational stool topples over.)

The next question is HOW? Here is a simple answer I found in a lovely blog called The Bamboo Project:

On Becoming a Blogger: Write about your experiences and what you’re learning from them. Write about what you do and how you can do it even better. Teach people as you learn.

Create value. Don’t worry about the number of readers you have or the number of comments you get (or the lack of either). Write things that are useful for you, then use that practice to write things that are useful for others, and then keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to help others. When you answer an e-mail with generally useful information, spend a few extra minutes on putting that into your blog, where it can create more value for others. Think of ways you can help others, and use your blog to reach more people than your initial audience.


Once you’ve established your homestead in the land of Blog, it’s time to get to know your closest neighbors. Comparing Six Ways to Identify Top Blogs in Any Niche provides a useful perspective on resources to help you identify other blogs with similar interests.

And here is another great site that offers a useful taxonomy for blogging. Did you know that you can offer up a debate post, an inspirational post, an informational post, a collation post or a critique post, to mention just a few, and each of these has its own attributes and appropriate venue? http://blogging4learning.wikispaces.com/

So far, the blogosphere has been a welcoming place. I invite you to participate with us and create a vibrant community of knowledge and practice.

Posted by Editor