Join us for an Interactive Webinar Experience!
By Danuta McCall

Posted September 20, 2009

Designing Interactive Webinars – How to Keep People Engaged

Please join us Thursday November 5th as we demonstrate eight principles for designing interactive webinars by engaging you as participants!

Be honest: How many of the webinars that you attend (or deliver) are boring? The one-way nature of most webinars and web conferences misses an opportunity to engage an audience and draw on the wisdom of the group.

The opportunity presented by a more interactive and collaborative approach to webinars is to reclaim the many learning methods used in face-to-face workshops and adapt them for a virtual environment. The promise of interactive webinars is to increase learning, shorten meetings, promote greater participation with less multi-tasking and foster on-going collaboration. Ready to enroll? Click here.

As the use of web conferencing extends to management training and leadership development and virtual workshops and decision making meetings, the requirements of webinars shift from pushing information out to pulling ideas and knowledge in through many-to-many collaboration and interaction. This requires a new look at the design and facilitation of webinars and the technology tools used to deliver them.

In this one hour webinar – with required pre-work – we will discuss and demonstrate eight principles for designing interactive webinars that prepare and engage participants. This webinar is particularly suited for facilitators and trainers who are looking to transition an existing face-to-face workshop to a virtual environment or to include some virtual elements in a blended design. If this topic interests you, click here to download our white paper.

Now, if you would like to engage in an interactive discussion about this material, please join us on Thursday, November 5th at 10:00 AM PDT (1:00 PM EDT). Registration for this session is limited to 20 participants – other dates will be offered if the session is oversubscribed. Completing the pre-work for the session is required; if you feel you can’t accomplish this in time, no worries: we will bump you to a future session and allow someone else to participate in your place.

Click here to enroll. Feel free to add questions or comments here. We look forward to having you join us on November 5th.

Posted by Danuta McCall