Research Briefs Reveal Gold Nuggets For Facilitators and Team Leaders
By Danuta McCall

Posted March 16, 2014

There is exciting research going on at universities across the globe focused on understanding the basic constructs that affect team productivity and well-being. I recently wrote about one such study that investigated the effect of positivity vs . negativity on team performance and determined the optimal ratio to help teams flourish. Very cool stuff. /blog/index.php/2013/09/the-magic-number-that-helps-teams-flourish/.

Itís pretty clear why we should be interested in what this research is turning up. We work in a global and unstable economy where the rules are constantly changing. Our workforce is culturally diverse and often separated by barriers of time and distance. We have an overabundance of technologies to help us collaborate that work well when used appropriately.

In order to succeed in this challenging environment, managers and team leaders must understand the fundamentals of how groups communicate, innovate, and make decisions. Then we can create the right environment, norms and processes to help groups function optimally. If we donít understand the core forces behind team effectiveness, we might make unfortunate choices in our communication systems (both technological and human) and management systems.

Here at Facilitate Proceedings, we like to help make the connection between this academic research and the community of practitioners who could benefit from it. Therefore we have summaries of research studies written by the primary researcher for the purpose of informing and inviting commentary from practicing facilitators and team leaders. You can find these articles listed under the topic Research Briefs.

Posted by Danuta McCall