facilitate — Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is FacilitatePro different from other web conferencing tools? read on »

2. How may concurrent users or meetings does the software allow? read on »

3. FacilitatePro is licensed for several User Groups. What is a User Group? read on »

4. Does the software require you to download plug-ins or run Flash? read on »

5. How is this kind of meeting software helpful in a face to face meeting? read on »

6. When is it appropriate to use anonymous brainstorming? read on »

7. I want to hold a large meeting for 200+ participants -- can FacilitatePro scale? read on »

8. How do you handle security? read on »

9. How many people can participate in a distributed meeting? read on »

10. How does FacilitatePro add to my current video conferencing capability? read on »

11. How can I calculate the return on investment of purchasing FacilitatePro? read on »

12. Do I have to install any special software for my meeting or survey participants? read on »

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