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facilitate — Prioritizing and Evaluating

Find Out Which Ideas Have the Potential to be Solutions Making decisions involves prioritizing ideas and reaching consensus. FacilitatePro™ allows you to quickly and easily transform any list of ideas into a sophisticated voting ballot. Select single or multiple voting criteria and voting formats. View the results instantly. Return for a second round of voting after discussion or select the top items and build an action plan

  • Quickly turn a brainstorm list into a voting ballot for participants to evaluate or prioritize.
  • Select from several standard voting profiles with options for rating, check boxes, high/medium/low, true/false, assigning points, and agree/disagree scales.
  • Use voting templates to create your own custom voting profiles with multiple criteria, pop-up menus, radio buttons, forced ranking and other custom scale options.
  • Reissue ballots with a single click
  • View the results instantly.
  • Print out a variety of reports or easily export the data into another application.

Click to see a voting ballot and evaluate results

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