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Building the Skills and Techniques to Make Online Collaboration Work for YouWe offer our clients a comprehensive set of training programs, ranging from basic and advanced FacilitatePro™ classes to one-on-one consultation on facilitation techniques and meeting design. We deliver training at your site or via online workshops and webinars. Whichever the format, we create a highly interactive and hands-on environment where learning is fun and effective. Our objective is to enable you to make optimal use of FacilitatePro robust software, expand your understanding of best practices in facilitation and envision new opportunities to collaborate.

Basic FacilitatePro Training This two day on-site course covers all the basic functions of FacilitatePro. Students start using FacilitateExpress to create conferences, agendas and brainstorming sessions, set up voting ballots, analyze results and print a complete report. Students progress through a variety of FacilitatePro features, including survey design and exporting data. Basic principles of meeting flow are discussed. At the end of this course, students are ready to conduct basic meetings and surveys.

Advanced FacilitatePro Training This two day on-site course teaches advanced techniques that give individuals who are already using FacilitatePro the tools to build custom applications, such as custom log on screens, windows, demographic surveys, and create complex meeting agendas and surveys. Participants are encouraged to bring their own projects to use as study cases.

FacilitatePro Refreshers These 2 hour online sessions cover a single topic such as “Managing the flow of the meeting”, “Designing surveys”, “Creating custom logon screens and templates” and are designed for facilitators already using FacilitatePro who would like to brush up their skills in a given area. Highly interactive with lots of sharing of tips and techniques.

FacilitatePro Certification The FacilitatePro Certification Program gives you the opportunity to earn industry recognition as an accomplished specialist in the application of collaborative technology. A FacilitatePro Certified Facilitator is an individual with a proven track record of running successful meetings with collaborative software, capable of adapting the technology to serve the needs of his or her clients and serving as a valuable resource to other facilitators in the organization. We provide the training and coaching to get you there.

Getting Great Results from Virtual Meetings This web-based one day training course is geared to individuals who will be holding virtual meetings over the Internet. Participants will learn the differences between face-to-face and distributed meeting dynamics and various techniques required to ensure full participation. FacilitatePro will be used to illustrate the use of technology in a virtual environment; however, no prior knowledge of the product is required.

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